January 27, 2023

You Need to Have Fun: Christy Serrato of Pair Anything | Episode 22 of Twist of Fate 

You Need to Have Fun: Christy Serrato of Pair Anything | Episode 22 of Twist of Fate 

Douglas Younger III is the host of Twist of Fate, but this CEO also dabbles in a variety of other interests and ventures. When he was young, he took a trip to Napa and was blown away by what he found. While he had certainly had wine before, he had no idea that the landscape was so diverse, nor did he really know the first place to start. He might not have known it then, but that was his first step to starting his own label. 

Hosting Christy Serrato of Pair Anything on his show was important to him and his newest endeavor. On this special episode, he steps a little outside the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and encourages his guests to have a little more fun. If that’s not something that stressed out go-getters need to hear, we don’t know what is. 

What Wine Do You Pair with Chicken Adobo?

Wine geeks might love a question like this, but most people wouldn’t know the first place to start. Wine goes with cheese, fish, and steak. Everything else that falls outside these categories is often a mystery to people. Serrato started Pair Anything because she wanted to solve the answer to this problem. 

This is a principle that Younger will stress over and over again to his listeners. He knows that you want to make money! (He’s not questioning that.) But he also knows that you’ll never really be successful unless you’re solving a problem. Serrato may not be saving lives, but she does want people to live a better life. Enjoying the right food with the right wine is a simple pleasure, but it’s one that everyone should have access to. 

She used her technical background to build a program that could tell you what to drink with which foods. She also made it specific to individual locations. So let’s say that you’re in Napa, like our host, and you visit a winery. You want to buy a bottle but you don’t know what to serve it with. Maybe it doesn’t go well with anything you like to cook. 

Before you shell out any money, you can check to see what flavors are in the wheelhouse of the exact wine you’re looking at. It’s a feature that has wineries and restaurants alike interested in her product. With that kind of specificity, it’s a lot easier to make up your mind. 

The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship 

It’s important to point out that Christy Serrato is a serial entrepreneur and this definitely isn’t her first rodeo. She also hasn’t been successful in every venture she’s tried, a fact that held no shame for her. In fact, she was thankful for the failures, because when you’re trying to do something that no one else has done, of course there’s going to be a learning curve! 

Her much bigger struggle wasn’t professional, it was a personal loss. The chicken adobo that started her journey was her mother’s chicken adobo. When her mother passed away, the grief threatened to steal her idea’s thunder. Getting over something like this doesn't always come easily, whether you own a small business or not. Younger and Serrato both agreed that you have to keep your chin up no matter how much it seems like the world wants to bring you down. It doesn’t mean pushing aside the grief, it only means that you can’t let the grief defeat you. No matter where you are in your journey, that kind of advice simply doesn’t get old. 


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