January 27, 2023

Follow Your Passion, Know Your Purpose, and Network: Pastor CW Parker on the Power of Faith | Episode 30 of Twist of Fate

Follow Your Passion, Know Your Purpose, and Network: Pastor CW Parker on the Power of Faith | Episode 30 of Twist of Fate

Anxiety, hopelessness, isolation: there are a number of issues plaguing the average American today. Pastor Parker has spent his life trying to fight the demons that threaten us all (regardless of religious background). As the host of a live-streamed Bible study and the leader of a program called Second’s Place, he built an audience who wants to learn how the word of God can impact their own lives for the better. 

As he talked with the host of Twist of Fate, Douglas Younger III, he shared pearls of wisdom about how he works with his congregation (and extended congregation) and why it’s so important for everyone to develop the right values before they start tackling their bigger goals — whether they’re personal or professional. 

Follow Your Passion 

There is no end game for Pastor Parker. His passion is to help those around him however he can, and that’s truly a lifelong pursuit. Following your passion is a common piece of advice, but it’s not always helpful to everyone. It ignores some of the practical matters that can stand in the way. 

This is where the concept of faith can become one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal. When other people are ready to knock you down or life is threatening to throw you off-course, faith can be there to help you stay on track. Pastor Parker is guided by the Gospel today, but he wasn’t always so pious. Self-described as the “worst kid in church”, he found himself inspired to preach for the first time at the tender age of 15. If the church congregation had turned their back on him, he marvels at where he could have ended up today. 

Know Your Purpose 

In many ways, the product or the service an entrepreneur creates is the easiest part. What he means is, whether you’re offering a tube of toothpaste, a loan package, or life coach advice, the benefits can be fairly straightforward. Host Younger works with a lot of small businesses as the CEO of 3STEPS4WARD, and his much bigger concern is what is the purpose behind it all. For Pastor Parker, it’s changing lives. For Younger, it’s giving startups the tools they need to actually get ahead.

Parker urges people to see their personal tragedies as defining moments. When Pastor Parker was going to have his first son, he had already carved out a spot in his heart, one that could never be replaced. When the baby was born stillborn, he named him Second before he was buried. Though deeply heartbreaking at the time, Parker chose to turn his grief into a program for young boys. Called Second’s Place, the program offers male role models and fun activities to kids at a critical age. 


Pastor Parker would recommend that everyone learn the art of networking. People should be vocal about their passion, and what they hope to gain from it. In fact, he hopes to switch his live-stream Bible study to a podcast soon, so he can reach more people. As a Pastor, he can open doors based on his word. When one of his church members wanted to be a fireman, he was invited to join the cadet class after Parker marched him down to the station. For inner-city youth, sometimes his connections are the difference between two starkly different life paths. 

For entrepreneurs, this episode is packed with tips that have little to do with your spirituality and more to do with how you can position yourself to take that next step forward — without fear. 


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