January 27, 2023

The Link Between Faith and Success: Author Chris Avila on Sports, Life, and Inspiration | Episode 29 of Twist of Fate 

The Link Between Faith and Success: Author Chris Avila on Sports, Life, and Inspiration | Episode 29 of Twist of Fate 

Chris Avila is the author of 2-Minute Warning: Time to Fight for What Matters Most, a motivational book that shows readers how to battle for their faith, gifts, purity, approval, and forgiveness. On Twist of Fate: A Small Business Podcast, he sat down with host Douglas Younger III to talk about how he’s inspiring people from all walks of life to develop a stronger relationship with the things that matter måost in their life. 

Working with Everyone 

Avila is likely best known for his work in the sports world. As a chaplain and pastor for teams like The Raiders, he’s met dozens of greats (including Michael Jordan). He’s made his way up in his career because he starts from a position of service. He’s not asking the athletes for better tickets to the game or an autograph or two. Neither does he discriminate based on faith. He’s equally happy talking to a fellow Christian as he is an atheist. 

Chris Avila is often the only person in the professional sports world asking about a player’s marriage or how they’re sleeping, so you can imagine how valuable his services are to the guys he works with. As a sports fan, it was hard for Douglas Younger III to contain his enthusiasm about what it must be like to have a front-row seat to some of the most exciting games on the planet. Of course, consummate professional Younger is, he didn't just ask about upcoming bouts. Both host and guest had plenty of insights about how small business owners could use Avila’s experience and philosophy to get ahead. 

Build Equity, Build Trust 

Chris Avila has always been upfront about his talents. He doesn’t show up in an NFL stadium proclaiming that he was going to make God give his team the win. He doesn’t promise to do anything but be there for the players in any way he can. When he prays for people, it’s to ask God to help keep them safe as they play the best game they can possibly play. He knows that people's livelihoods are wrapped up in their win/loss record, but their physical health comes first. 

Entrepreneurs who play to their strengths, do more than what's asked, and show up time after time can’t help but get ahead. The problem is, it may take longer than they imagine to actually make those strides. To expedite the process, Chris Avila and Doug Younger III encourage all listeners to remember what matters to them. If it’s money, that might be the first thing that has to change. Avila and Younger know how important money is, but they also know that performance can suffer if that’s the only motivator. 

Mentorship and Writing 

Chris Avila wrote a book not because he thought he had all the answers, but because he wanted to find the most efficient way to share what he knows with people between the ages of 15 and 30. With millions of them out there, there’s a lot of people searching for a more fulfilling way to live. Not everyone feels strongly called to something like Chris Avila did when he was starting his career, but a book like 2-Minute Warning can remind them that the time to change is now. 

Sports can be an undeniably violent and dangerous world to live in, but they also push people to test the very limits of their physical and mental endurance (much like being a startup owner will do to you). When Avila speaks about his career, his words should ring in the ears of everyone who strives for more. 


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