January 27, 2023

Improving the Odds: Jeff Stoll from Nephrosant | Episode 26 of Twist of Fate

Improving the Odds: Jeff Stoll from Nephrosant | Episode 26 of Twist of Fate

In life, there are changes of every variety. On an everyday basis, we deal with everything from mental to physical to economic swings. Jeff Stoll is the CEO of Nephrosant, a biotechnology company that makes it possible for people with renal disease to assess their options with the help of diagnostic tools that are both more accurate and more convenient.

He sat down with Douglas Younger III on the Twist of Fate podcast to talk more about how his goals were shaped by the people he helped. The podcast was special for Younger because it’s the first one in the new Twist of Fate space, also known as the Meditation Room at WeWork in San Francisco. 

The Power of Choice

Most people don’t realize that about half of kidney transplants fail. Nephrosant makes it possible for people to take a urine-based test at home, so they can learn whether they’re likely to reject a kidney transplant. The information assessed from the test allows their healthcare providers to create a customized journey for every patient. Stoll points out that nothing in life is certain, particularly when you consider the complexities of the human body. His tests give people earlier indications and dispel some of the anxiety that end-stage renal failure can bring. 

A Lifetime of R & D

Stoll has long been a master of research and development. Both he and Younger are endlessly curious about everything from tiny questions to the existential quandaries of the universe. Stoll's personality type is a must, considering a home diagnostic test is extremely difficult to pull off. There are so many variables to account for, any of which could throw off the results. With a background in product management, Stoll had to think about the entire system and how it runs, and he had to determine what a win-win would look like for both sides. 

Younger points out that Stoll will always want to do more for his customers. This kind of advocacy is both a blessing and a curse, because it can keep him up at night about the best ways to solve problems. In this part of the podcast, he brings up a struggle that all entrepreneurs will likely have at some point. 

How can you appeal to a customer who doesn't know what's possible? How can they tell you that they want a certain technology if they're not even aware it exists? In this situation, the reality remains the same: the customer is always right. To introduce a new product is to open their eyes to a new way of life. If you're going to start a business, you have to be aware of what a customer is really saying about a problem and how they want to solve it. 

Live the Life of the Customer 

This Series A company started a business by reading between the lines of an entire industry. The medical field is plagued by questions, and more often than not, healthcare providers can only give patients a partial answer. As the CEO, Jeff Stoll is attempting to close that gap. 

Douglas Younger III reminds listeners that Stoll got where he is not because of an obsession with kidneys. He managed to climb up because he asked questions until he found the answers. He was willing to take risks when others wanted to play it safe. Regardless of what industry you're in, these are qualities that you can take to the bank as an entrepreneur. 


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