Dennis Huang

Episode 43 | Indie Game Development: Time Trials | Arc-Fy | Dennis Huang

Dec 16, 2023
Dennis Huang

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Episode 43 | Indie Game Development: Time Trials | Arc-Fy | Dennis Huang

In Episode 43 of Twist of Fate | A Small Business Podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dennis Huang. The mind behind the educational game, Times Trials from his development team Arc-Fy. Dennis' foray into the realm of indie game development demonstrates a fine blend of passion and practicality. His love for gaming, coupled with his commitment to making learning fun, led him to create this innovative educational game after clocking out from his day job.

Times Trials, a unique fusion of the puzzle and math genres, aims to transform the learning journey into an enjoyable adventure for children in the fourth grade and above. It's a testament to Dennis' vision of making math fun and accessible.

Throughout this episode, Dennis offers insights into the various aspects of indie game development, from the nostalgic influences that shaped Times Trials to the importance of prototyping and the willingness to embrace failure. He also discusses his dreams for Times Trials, aspiring for it to become a familiar name in households and classrooms worldwide.

Whether you're an aspiring game developer, a professional in the field, or just a lover of indie games, you're bound to gain valuable perspectives on navigating the competitive landscape of game development, the significance of adaptability, and the ability to learn as you progress. Dennis' journey embodies the essence of the indie game developer's spirit.

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