Joe Zatarain


Nov 12, 2023
Joe Zatarain

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Episode 42 | Professional Driver | My Black SUV | Joe Zatarain

In Episode 42 of Twist of Fate Podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe Zatarain, the founder and owner of My Black SUV. Joe's journey into entrepreneurship is a testament to seizing opportunities and following one's passions.

Inspired by his love for driving and genuine enjoyment of connecting with people, Joe embarked on this entrepreneurial venture after retiring from his previous career. The onset of the pandemic encouraged Joe to kickstart his business. Despite not having a predefined business plan, he embraced the challenge.

Throughout the episode, Joe shares insight on various aspects of his business like what it is like to be a professional driver and the differences between My Black SUV and ridesharing platforms.

As aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and/or professionals, viewers will gain valuable perspectives on how to navigate a competitive landscape, the importance of adaptability, and being able to learn as you go. Joe's journey reflects the essence of entrepreneurial spirit.

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